Drostanolone is a widely known steroid preparation worldwide. It has strong androgenic activity and moderate anabolic properties. It is synthetically derived from dihydrotestosterone. It does not affect the androgen receptors of the cell. It has extremely weak side effects on the body.

Scope of application of Drostanolone

Drostanolone is now used by athletes, both amateur and professional. The main quality and effect of using this drug Drostanolone dipropionate is a marked increase in body strength, muscle density and relief without weight gain. The special feature is the drug’s anti-estrogenic activity as well as its rapid elimination from the body, which allows the steroid to be taken immediately before competition. The drug is not converted to estradiols, as well as it is not toxic to the liver, so Drostanolone is rightly considered one of the safest steroids.Drostanolone: its properties and useMany athletes–athletes, swimmers, bodybuilders, powerlifters and others – give preference to Drostanolone Propionate. This steroid has predominantly androgenic activity, so it is very popular in sports.

Due to the elimination of the double bond between positions 4 and 5, Drostanolone has been shown to be virtually immune to the action of aromatase and thus conversion to estradiol. In addition, studies show that drostanolone has sufficiently pronounced anti-estrogenic activity. This is not strange if we remember that the drug is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone, and DHT directly weakens estrogen activity in tissues (estrogen attaches to the appropriate receptors, but does not activate them).


The reason for the particular popularity of drostanolone lies in the following facts. First, it is able to give muscles a hard and “full” appearance with low fat and water content in the body. This is accomplished by draining water from under the skin-think of the drug’s anti-estrogenic properties. Second, Drostanolone is able to provide the much-needed “boost” when working out during a strict low-carb diet. Moreover, this “boost” is not a myth: endurance under the drug significantly increases. Finally, third point, Drostanolone starts working very quickly and leaves the body just as quickly: ten days after the last injection it is impossible to find traces of its use. The combination of these factors makes the drug indispensable for competition preparation, especially in the case of doping controls.

Sometimes, however, Drostanolone is also used in massathlon cycles: due to its ability to bind very well to sex hormone binding globulin (HSPG), this drug increases the content of unbound (free) testosterone in the blood.

Side effects.

Given the steroid’s inability to convert to estradiol and the very short cycles of administration, drostanolone can be said to have almost no side effects.


As with all propionates, the half-life of masteron is 2-4 days. Usually, this drug is used in dosages of 100 mg every other day or once every three days. Combination with other drugs.

Being a typical “pre-race” preparation, Drostanolone combines well with oxandrolone (both preparations are hardly “busted” in doping controls, at least until recently), trenbolone, methenolone, boldenone, or stanozolol.

Use by women

It is considered best for women to avoid this drug, as virilization phenomena accompany drostanolone use at most. On the other hand, Masteron was created in the past for use by women: it served as a breast cancer drug. Therefore, it is possible to recommend taking Drostanolone to the fairer sex, but with caution. Most virilization phenomena can be avoided with modest doses of Drostanolone (25 mg once every 3-4 days). Clitoral enlargement is reversible in most cases.

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